Fan of everything RC. Currently love flying FPV racers and 3D printing!
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January 2017
Excellent review Tom! I can't wait to get one.
December 2016

3D Printed Keyring Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is quick to print and works really well. Perfect for this winter!
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November 2016

Running out of inspiration?

Finding inspiration for new 3D prints can be difficult. Hopefully this short guide will help.
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eSun 3D printer filament review

eSun 3D printer filament review A couple of weeks ago I ran out of white PLA 3D printer filament. Being such a plain colour, I do a lot of my printing in white. So despite having many rolls of other colours, it was imperative that I bought some more white.  As 3D printer hobbyists, there is one thing we are not short of when it comes to filament and thats choice. A simple internet search will reveal the many hundreds of filament retailers all with slightly different filament. Furthermore, you don't have to stick to the classic PLA and ABS filament since there is now a plethora of “exotic” filament such as wood, sandstone, aluminium and even beer! I love this choice but not for when...
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September 2016

Bed Adhesion… Don't make the same mistakes

Learn the best ways to make sure that your prints stick to your print bed. Never have to experience a ruined print again!
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