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August 2017

Understanding LIPO Battery C Ratings?

In this article we talk about C Ratings and delve into the murky world of LIPO battery marketing.
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How To Fix a Broken LIPO Balance Lead

So you’ve broken a balance lead? In this article we look at how difficult it is to repair a LIPO battery balance lead.
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An in Depth Look at the Avios Bushmule

In this article we look at the 1500m Avios Bushmule.
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Michael Wargo's Top Ten Flying Tips (Plus 1)

3D flying is a skill many seek to acquire. I Thoroughly enjoy watching a skilled pilot ply their trade.
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A Sound System For Your Model RC Aircraft

In this article we look at sound systems for model aircraft. Just what is it and how hard is it to install.
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RC Flying Etiquette

There are unwritten rules in RC that we are all expected to follow. In this article we look at our social responsibilities.  
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Make Your Own Static Grass Tufts

Making Grass Tufts is incredibly easy to do. In this article you will learn just how easy it is
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How to Fix Loose Magnets in Brushless Motors

Fixing lose magnets in your brushless motor is easier than you might think. In this article we discuss step by step just how easy it is.
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June 2017

Model Aircraft Maintenance 

Model RC Aircraft are subject to punishing extremes that can take a toll on a model on the components. In this article we discuss maintenance and more importantly the safety aspect.  
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How to Setup Differential Thrust

Differential thrust can be used on RC planes with one or more motors. It is often over looked by modellers but it can make for a much easier flying plane.
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