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Choosing FPV Goggles..

There is a huge choice on the market now for FPV goggles, the styles, features and prices are wide and varied. If you're new to FPV or looking to upgrade from your first set - what do you look for? In this article I explore the basics and share some of my experiences.

Eachine EV100 FPV Goggles – The perfect goggles for £120?

When these FPV goggles were first released their price was under £100. Now the price is climbing, and at the time of writing this review the price is just over £120. Can a set of goggles costing just £120 be any good? The answer of course is ‘no’. But no we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see if how good they actually are..

GoPro blocks sales of RunCam 3 in the U.S amidst claims of design infringements.

RunCam in the firing line as GoPro claim the new RunCam3 and its mounting frame infringes on GoPros design and utility patents.

FPV Drone Antennas

FPV antennas are critical to success. In this article we cover everything about FPV antennas.


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2016 Australian Drone Nationals

Practice day at the 2016 Australian Drone Nationals. HobbyNews will be bringing you live updates all day and as well as the results as they come through.

The Tiny Whoop 101

The Tiny Whoop 101, The Biggest Craze In FPV

Drone Racing World Championship 2016

The 2016 Drone Racing World Championships was a mixed bag. It was supposed to be the pinnacle of our sport. The showcase that demonstrates what and where the sport could be in the future. Instead it was another opportunity for DSA to trip over their own shoe laces. The saving grace of the event was that a worthy Champion was crowned.

Durafly EFXTRA build, flight & FPV! Review

The EFXTRA is the long awaited 2.0 version of the iconic EFX Racer. If you have the need, the need for speed, and maybe even have the need to FPV at high speed the EFXTRA will be on your shortlist. We put her through her paces!

What is RaceBand?

What is "RaceBand"? Why do we need it? Where did it come from? RaceBand popped onto the scene almost two years ago and since then there has been a great deal of conjecture and debate over what it is why it's needed. In this article Painless360 goes into great detail explaining the in's and out's of the dark magic that is RaceBand.
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