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Quadcopter Build 6: Finishing and Adding FPV

In the last instalment we installed and configured the software into the model and took our first test flight. Adding a video camera and transmitter will allow you to fly the model using a set of FPV goggles or screen. It’s become one of the most popular ways to fly and the main reason that most builders make a model.

Quadcopter Build 5: setting the flight controller

In this series we have already connected the last of the electronics together so now we are ready to plug the flight controller back to the computer, start the graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to setup everything and get the model ready for the first test hover.

Quadcopter Build 4: Connecting it all up

Last month we looked at how the power systems worked on a multirotor and explored why we needed to have both a main battery connection for the motors but also a 5v system to power the flight controller and radio receiver too.

How to Build a Racing Drone: Part 3

Last month we looked at the flight controller and how we could test it was good and we also looked at the cabling options for connecting the radio receiver to the model. This month we will start to put things together and by the end of this lesson we should have a much clearer view of how the power systems work on a Multirotor (yes, there is more than one!) and some tips and tricks on how to layout the various components onto the frame.

How to Build a Racing Drone: Part Two

This month we will look at one of the most critical parts of the model – the flight controller – that will make a huge difference on how the model flies an behaves. Once we’ve looked at what the flight controller does for us and we know it is working and where the key connections are on it, we will have a much better idea of how to mount it into the frame we have. Let’s look at what the flight controller actually does..
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2016 Australian Drone Nationals

Practice day at the 2016 Australian Drone Nationals. HobbyNews will be bringing you live updates all day and as well as the results as they come through.

The Tiny Whoop 101

The Tiny Whoop 101, The Biggest Craze In FPV

Drone Racing World Championship 2016

The 2016 Drone Racing World Championships was a mixed bag. It was supposed to be the pinnacle of our sport. The showcase that demonstrates what and where the sport could be in the future. Instead it was another opportunity for DSA to trip over their own shoe laces. The saving grace of the event was that a worthy Champion was crowned.

NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

Everyone wants to know more about the Turnigy Evolution! Since it's debut at the US Drone Nationals in 2016 it has created buzz like no other radio before it. It's a bridge between the world of online gaming and real world drone racing. Read on for a detailed review of it's performance.

Review of the DYS XDR220 Racing Drone Set, A True Race Ready ARF

Review of the DYS XDR220 Racing Drone Set, A True Race Ready ARF   Almost ready to fly quads/drones (ARF), for the most part, are geared for the beginner or hobbyist that just enjoys flying vs. the building. The big problem and stigma with past ARF’s in the Drone category are entry level parts, which most users will out grow quickly. So serious racers are almost always doing DIY builds. Making it your own with custom bits is a big part of the hobby. Those that did start with ARF’s find they can only upcycle a few basic parts as their flying skills increase. The ImmersionRC Vortex Pro was a bit of the exception, fitted with top-tier hardware, but also a top-tier premium price tag as well....
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