Make Your Own Static Grass Tufts

Grass tufts add a lot of depth and realism to your model layout and they are super easy to create. In fact they are so easy to make that you’ll be adding them everywhere. You’ll be able to make a thousand in an evening  without breaking a sweat.  These are by far one of the easiest things to create on your layout and you’re friends will be asking how you did it.

Yes, this is a model scene

Required hardware
  • Metal baking tray
  • Baking paper
  • PVA Glue (Polyvinyl acetate)
  • 6mm Static grass
  • Static grass applicator
  • Old clean sacrificial paint brush
  • Fine Sand or coloured powers
  • A beverage of your choosing (I like the malty kind)
Start by look at natural grass tufts and trying to mimic the look. I have a very large assortment of static grasses with much of it coming from Hobbyking. They have a wide assortment of colours and lengths with massive 250gram bags. It’s a great product and at around $5 you cannot go wrong. Did i mention they’re such big bags.  You simply mix it to your liking but be sure to keep notes of your mixture in case you need to make more later on. If you have notes you can refer back to it.

Start by laying out your metal baking tray and cutting a piece of baking paper to neatly fit the tray. I would suggest that you cut 4 or 5 sheets as you will most likely make a few more.  You can hold the paper to the tray by using sticky tape. You may find that it is unnecessary.
Start by placing small dobs of PVA glue on the baking paper. The easiest method is the dab the nozzle onto the paper and lift straight back up rather than to the side. If you pull aside you will leave a glue trail which should be avoided. You can make larger dots of you like but start with the small circles first and adjust your technique as you go.

Fill the applicator to roughly one quarter full with the static grass and ensure the wire is touching the grill. Attach the alligator lead to the tin and charge the applicator. Be very careful not to touch the wire mesh as it could give you a very high voltage zap.

Begin to shake the applicator side to side in the tray and continue shaking until the contents are empty. Try to be as close as possible to the glue without touching them.
Once you have exhausted the contents of the applicator immediately turn it off at the switch. You will still need to discharge and residual current. To do this touch the mesh into the corner of the metal tray and you will hear a loud crack as the capacitors discharge all the stored current.
You can remove the baking sheet and turn it. Gently shake the sheet into the tray to collect and reuse the static grass. Allow to dry for  24hours until trying to remove.
For an additional look you can cut a few strands from a  paint brush and push them into the tufts. Once the tuft is dry add a little pva to tip of the strands and either dip into sand or coloured fine powders. This will give the appearance of flowers.
I’m sure you will enjoy making grass tufts and styling them in your own way.
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