Introduction to flying an RC Plane - Your First Plane

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You’re excited to fly your first plane; and why shouldn’t you be! It’s great fun and it gets you outside to enjoy the weather.
One thing most people do when starting out is eye off a difficult model to fly because it looks cool! . You can still get cool looking first planes (depending on your taste).  In most instances the first plane an enthusiast flies is normally the model that is kept in the cupboard and brought out time and time again over the years because it’s fun to fly!
Your first plane should be simple to fly with predictable flying characteristics. Some other key things you should be looking for:
  • You can fly the plane at your local park legally
  • The plane is reasonably crash resistant
  • You can repair the plane on a budget
  • Spare parts are available
  • The wing is sitting as close to the top of the plane’s fuselage (for stability)

It's not impossible to find something that ticks all of the boxes outlined above. There are plenty of options out there. 
Provided below are some suggestions. Even if you don’t like these, they will provide you with a good idea as to what you should be looking for in terms of design. Most docile flying planes are similar in design.

HobbyKing Bix 3 Trainer


The HobbyKing Bix 3 trainer has a long history and some refinements over the past intterations. It's the top choice for anyone that would like to learn to fly becaise it's easy to fly, is somewhat crash resistant, is easy to repair and it's a great deal of fun to fly!

Another grteat thing about this model is its veritility. After you have developed your flying skills, you can go on to upgrade this aircraft with an onboard camera for aerial shots! Even better, you can start FPV flying with this model once you have really honed your skills. 

The package from HobbyKing includes a transmitter and all the gear you need to get flying! The package presents great value. Click here for more information about the package deal

HobbyKing Mini Breeze Glider


The HobbyKing Mini Breeze is light and small enough to easily pack for a quick flight at the park! This model is so simple to construct with most things done for you before it arrives. 
This model makes an ideal first plane becaise its small enough to fly just about anywhere and it has some really nice flying charectoristics!

Unfortunately this model doesn't come with a transmitter, battery or charger. You can purchase these seperately from HobbyKing. Here are some suggestions:



EPO 182 Light Aircraft

EPO 182 light aircraft With LED Lighting (RTF) (Mode 2)

The EPO 182 Light Aircraft takes on more of a traditional appearance in comparison to the other two models. It looks great on the ground and in the air! This model is easy to fly and is small enough to fly at your local park. 

You get everything you need in a package deal from HobbyKing. Click here for more details about the package offered by HobbyKing.

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