Introduction to flying an RC Plane - Buddy Boxing

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Buddy boxing... It's not what you're thinking - jumping in a ring with an opponent! 

After spending some time on your flight simulator, you should spend some time at your local flying club if you have one.
It’s great to meet like-minded people in the hobby and to learn from people with a wealth of experience.
Another benefit is buddy boxing! Put simply, buddy boxing is where you plug your transmitter in to another person’s transmitter to fly your plane. The experienced RC pilot takes off and gets a bit of height before flicking a switch on their transmitter to hand control over to you. 
Should you get in to trouble, it’s a simple flick of a switch on the transmitter to hand back control to the experienced RC pilot.
This allows you to be coached while actually flying at the same time providing you with the best possible experience to developing your skills.
You will need to have the appropriate cable to link your transmitter to another one. The other person will need to have the same transmitter.
An alternative is the wireless buddy box system from HobbyKing. This works by allowing you to plug two receivers in to one unit allowing you to use any mixture of transmitters and receivers working together. At $12.00 it’s great value and sure does make it simple!

Wireless Buddy Box System 4CH (Dual RX Controller)
Image: HobbyKing Wireless Buddy Box

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