National Model Aviation Day (USA) Celebration

National Model Aviation Day Celebration

Las Vegas Nevada, Hobbyking and Precision Aerobatics Team pilot, Michael Wargo, helps The Las Vegas Soaring Club celebrate National Model Aviation Day. It was a beautiful event set against the majestic mountains of Red Rock Canyon north of Las Vegas,  Nevada.   Patrons came from as far as Utah for the event filled with flying of all descriptions and a barbeque.    Spectators were treated to a large variety of flying, including FPV and quadcopter demonstrations and a 3-D Heli demo, as well as a 3d flight performance and clinic by well known 3D pilot, Michael Wargo.

Michael’s one-hour clinic featured some helpful instruction on set up of the aircraft and radio, as well as some instruction on how to get started in 3D and aerobatic flying. Following the clinic, Michael was able to help pilots set up their aircraft and even fly on the buddy box with a few.  

Michael Wargo remarks, “This event was so well organized and fun for everyone. I think it was good for all involved. There were some very accomplished pilots not performing, but just showed up from team JR and other unsponsored but very capable pilots. It was a treat for everyone. Because there were a lot of pilots not currently flying aerobatics, I geared my performance and clinic toward trying to help those not flying aerobatics. I feel aerobatic flying is a big key to helping pilots explore the envelope of flying, as well as facilitating personal growth and enjoyment.

I definitely love flying the shows and showing off the planes, but my favorite part is meeting the pilots and helping them. I especially love helping the young people.   Kids are so enthusiastic, and the kids I helped and flew with at this show were just awesome!  I met of lot of Hobbyking fans as well. Hearing about my influence over their career, or how my videos helped them is very rewarding, and it is a chance for me to help them in a one-on-one situation. They most often have basic setup issues, are having trouble with the way it flies. Generally, it usually just takes a few simple corrections to give them a model that flies perfectly so they can enjoy their model to the fullest. I am always glad to help.” 

This event – unlike most RC shows – was very accessible to the general public. There was local media coverage before the event, and the club itself was very visible from the road where tourists and locals headed to Red Rock Canyon State Park would pass by the event and stop in to watch. They were fascinated by the FPV stuff and the quadcopters for sure, but most watched every part of the show with wide-eyed fascination. The lesson learned from this show is that RC shows need more general public participation. Bringing new pilots is very important to this hobby. Maybe shows in more acceptable venues is the key. 
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