Custom Workbench Build

For years I have been working on projects improvising with various tables and floor space to layout tools and parts. At times, taking up the dinner table to build a multicopter or plane has resulted in a few raised eyebrows form my wife!

A constant frustration of mine has been the inability to just leave a project build in its current state so I can return to it later to finish off! Not to mention having to run extension leads for power. Lastly, being ever careful not to scratch the dinner table or accidently spill glue or paint on it.

Finally I have made the decision to set up a workspace where I have everything set up making it convenient for any future projects.

Where to Start?

It’s obvious from the title I have started with… a bench! Well, two actually! For me, having a nice bench space to work on is one of the most important things in a project. Here are some objectives I I’m looking to achieve:

A stand-up bench with storage and removable shelving

  • Storage space for tools
  • Sufficient lighting for any project
  • Plenty of power points for various tools and battery chargers
  • Lockable castor wheels for mobility and stability

A foldable sit-down bench

  • Plenty of space for a model and my laptop
  • Portable with the ability to position anywhere
  • The ability to fit an office chair underneath
I also plan to work on other projects in the future requiring a strong bench.

Stand-up Bench

The stand-up bench is built with 50mm box tubing 3mm thick. Sure it makes for a heavy bench. However, I want it to last and take a hit if I decide to work on my motorbike or car placing heavy parts on the bench or hammering away to remove parts…

The bench provides 1800mm x 700mm of space with an LED light that distributes evenly across the bench at 6500 kelvin.

The removable shelf measures 340mm X 1600mm and has a bar at the back to prevent me from accidently pushing tools or items off the back.

I store my parts and additional tools that aren’t commonly used underneath the bench.


- Top left: LED lighting
- Top right: Top shelf loaded with tools
- Bottom left: Simple powerboard with individual switches
- Bottom right:  LED light switch under shelf



- Far left: Brackets allow easy removal of entire shelf
- Second left: View of shelf (timber is MDF)
- Third left: LED lighting and aluminium bracket for easy timber removal
- Far right: LED magnifying worklight from HobbyKing (really great value)

Sit-down Bench

The sit-down bench has been built with 40mm box tubing 2.5mm thick. The legs have been installed using fold-out lockable latches enabling me to pack it away taking up little room.

The bench space measures 1800mm X 700mm proving plenty of space for my laptop and RC model.


- Left: plenty f room for my laptop and multicopter for tuning/software setup
- Right: Bench fold out legs


- left: Legs folded down
- Middle: Two locking latches for the legs
- Right: Close up of locking latch

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I love all things that fly! I especially love learning and passing on any knowledge I have gained! Flying multicopters is my favorite thing to do. For me, it's just as much about the build as it is flying! I love to spend time in the garage tinkering with things and working out complex problems - my 3D printers being one of them...