GoPro blocks sales of RunCam 3 in the U.S amidst claims of design infringements.

GoPro blocks sales of RunCam 3 amidst claims of design infringements.

Since hitting their peak in the back end of 2014, it almost feels like GoPro have been caught up in some kind of self-destructive tail spin. With stock prices dipping due to poor sales figures, they garnered a renewed sense of confidence with the promotion of the Karma, which immediately fell back after the recall was announced.

They say misery likes company and it appears that if GoPro have to suffer, then so do everyone else with GoPro handing out lawsuits like candy. No company has been immune from the wrath of GoPros legal team, from big hitters like Polaroid to your smaller, grass roots businesses such as GoScope. Now it appears that RunCam are next in the firing line with GoPro claiming the new RunCam3 and its mounting frame infringes on GoPros design and utility patents.

This infringement notice was issued to RunCam on April 26th 2017 and as a result has put a halt to any future sales or distribution of the RunCam3 and its mount worldwide after May 12th 2017.

So just how similar are these action cams?


Now let’s look at a side by side comparison on basic specs:


Specs RunCam3 GoPro Session 5
Dimensions 38x38x37.5mm 38x38x36mm
Weight 66g 72.5g
Video resolution 1080p 60fps
720p 120fps
4K 30fps
2.7K 48fps
1080p 90fps
720p 120fps
Video Max Bitrate 30Mbps 30Mbps
Still photo 2mp 10mp
Superview No Yes
Waterproof No Yes
Image Stabilization No Yes

Whilst I can see similarities in the overall dimensions, the features and specs appear to be quite different with the RunCam3 having been designed specifically for FPV, boasting an impressive WDR but lacking in other features, for example image stabilization and waterproofing which aren’t essential for the everyday FPV user.

What do you think? Are you a big GoPro fan? Do you think RunCam have over-stepped the mark here? Do you think Foxeer will have legal issues with their much anticipated 4K box cam? Let us know in the comments.

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