Basher BZ-444 Pro - Build Review

After many moons running Onroad, i have been thinking of having a play in Offroad again. I managed to get hold of a new kit to have a play from Hobbyking the BZ-444 pro. Below are some pictures from the build and a link to the site for more details.


The kit was neatly packaged in 5 separate steps, and the body shell and instruction bags.


The first 2 major steps of the build was to prepare the molded chassis and the drive train. The diffs are sealed oil gear diffs, all the gears are metal and look well up to the task of handling any abuse, although at the cost of weight. The universals all have a captured pin and are very smooth through full articulation.


Next onto the steering bellcranks, and suspension. All the arms are mounted with a gold coloured alloy arm mounts which appear to be solid and are keyed into the chassis which should help keep everything straight on the track. The caster blocks are also alloy, but in a light blue, the pins are captured with a small screw, much better than the old e clips i remember dealing with back in the day.


All the plastics seem to be made of different materials depending on their location on the car. Relatively flexible for the arms, and very stiff for the chassis parts. The fit and finish is quite good.


Next up are the shocks, again in the gold and blue combination for the coloured sections, and some sort of hard anodizing for the shock body. The shocks came assembled but completely dry, you should at least unscrew the lower cap and add some oil or green slime to keep everything moving smoothly.  I chose to pull them apart entirely to wet and dry sand the plastic internals and shim tight the piston for smooth operation. Just something i do to all my kits, i'm sure you could get away with just filling with oil, i'm just picky with some things.


Last for the build trimmed out the body and mounted the wing. Added the included rims. I need to check the size of the hexes, not sure if they are the same size as other brands. I'm used to touring cars having a standard wheel, but remember back that each brand had their own wheel offset and pin/hex size. One feature that was a little frustrating is the pin for the hex is not captured. Will have to be careful when changing wheels.


While i was there i picked up a Hobbyking Trackstar speed control and one of the new gen2 brushless motors. The back of the motor looks porn.  Over the next few days i will finish off the wiring. However i forgot to order a saddle pack battery, will have to place another order.


Overall i was very pleased with the build, the fit and finish of the parts was much better than i had anticipated, and being the Pro version it has a few bling parts on it for added durability and stlye.
The suspension feels very plush on the bench and i cant wait to hit the track and do a few laps.

If you are in the market for the next level of RC car beyone RTR style cars, do yourself a favour and take a close look at the Basher BZ-444

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