You can see our findings below in the Heliguy Drone Regulation Infographic:


Aside from the information collated in the above infographic we also asked what the one thing our respondents would change about existing regulations would be. Here are the most frequently recurring responses:

  1. Registration of drones at the point of purchase
  2. Mandatory training to ensure safety
  3. Better, more consistent enforcement of existing rules
  4. Clearer wording for guidelines, removing all ambiguity 
  5. More leeway (e.g. proximity / night flying) for qualified pilots


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Do you fly a drone in the UK either professionally or as a hobbyist? If so, there's still time to have your say, the survey is still live HERE.

Heliguy offers a range of CAA approved training courses which provide our trainees with the both regulatory know-how and machine-specific sessions to help you take your first steps as a qualified commercial drone pilot. You can find out more about our full PfCO course HERE.