3D Printed Keyring Ice Scraper

3D Printed Keyring Ice Scraper

Winter is firmly upon us here in the UK and waking up to ice draped landscapes is common place. Unfortunately, this winter I found myself without an ice scraper for my windscreen. Rather than go out and buy one I thought it might be better to 3D print one. The benefits of doing so is that it costs nothing (other than the price of the filament) and I can design one to my specific requirements. So without any hesitation I leapt behind the computer for some 3D modelling. 


I wanted a mini ice scrapper that could be attached to my car keys so that I would never forget where I left it. This meant my design had to be compacted and look aesthetically pleasing. I made sure that I kept the design simple. As you can see, it’s a very minimalist shape with a thickness of 5mm. I then added some holes into the design so as to reduce the amount of material that would be used to make it. All measurements were done by eye as I didn’t want this design to take too long. 


After creating the design in my preferred CAD package (ProDesktop) I then exported it to my slicer (Cura). This is where some careful consideration is needed. For example, I used a layer height of 0.25mm in order for the total print time to be quite low, however, a lower layer height (0.1mm) would lead to a better front chamfer (the part which actually scrapes the ice). I selected an infill of 15% however, plastics such as PLA can become very brittle in the cold and therefore you might want a greater infill (perhaps 25%) to ensure strength and durability. 


Printing took a total of 30 minutes but when I print this design again I think I will select a higher definition therefore leading to a slower print time. I used Sliver PLA filament because the colour is very nice but also subtle - perfect for a key ring. Incidentally, my nozzle temperature was 210 degree celsius and my bed temperature was 70 degrees celsius. Your printer will be different so I recommend playing around with your settings. 


I am very happy with the final design. From my initial tests it seems that this ice scrapper works really well. I also think it looks great on a set of keys. It will always be useful and I think its pretty cool to be able to say that you have a 3D printed ice scraper. 

My ice scraper design can be downloaded from the following website: http://www.thingiverse.com/EarlPrinter/designs

Please feel free to make your own and let me know how you get on. 


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