About Us

Welcome to HobbyNews.com!

Who are we?

We are a new website that will endeavour to bring you the newest, most relevant and up to date information in the hobby industry. We have strong industry links that will allow us to bring you exclusives on industry news including product reviews, technology, gossip, company profiles, personality profiles, events and much more.

What is HobbyNews?

HobbyNews is a central repository of high quality information that is easy to navigate. It is community generated information that is designed to assist hobbyists in their pursuit. HobbyNews plans to help users extract maximum enjoyment from their choice of hobby.


We decided to start HobbyNews for three reasons:

Firstly, we aim to build a central repository of high quality information. Before HobbyNews we have found it difficult to extract the information that is most relevant to a user from online sources. HobbyNews hopes to change this by providing information in an easy to navigate format that helps users find what they want quickly.

Secondly, HobbyNews hopes to bring the community together to help each other in a constructive manner. By focusing on high quality content designed to cater to various skill levels, we hope to help experts find expert information and novices find novice information. In doing so our goal is to improve the users knowledge base such that they can enjoy their hobby to the fullest.

Thirdly, a need to provide the community with unbiased information. We are not heavily reliant on advertisers and therefore advertisers don’t get to dictate HobbyNew’s content. We’re committed to publishing information that is news worthy and in the public interest. We strongly believe in free speech and have given our editors carte blanche to write about whatever and whomever they please.

Where is HobbyNews?

We are everywhere. Our content, curation and moderation is conducted by users all over the globe. We endeavour to have correspondents at all major hobby related events that are in the public interest.