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H-King EZIO 1500EP Review

There are pilots that love to fly fast and their models flip and roll across the sky. Some pilots, like me, prefer the easy-going lazy style of flying with loops and rolls but with more graceful (I’d like to think) controlled flying. So, as this is my first foray into the exotic world of balsa models I’ll share my views as a foam pilot coming into the world of balsa wood and reflect on my impressions and experiences with this new model powered glider.

Setting up a Workspace - Building Custom Workbenches

In this article I outline the steps that I took to build two custom workbenches for RC builds.

Understanding LIPO Battery C Ratings?

In this article we talk about C Ratings and delve into the murky world of LIPO battery marketing.

How To Fix a Broken LIPO Balance Lead

So you’ve broken a balance lead? In this article we look at how difficult it is to repair a LIPO battery balance lead.

An in Depth Look at the Avios Bushmule

In this article we look at the 1500m Avios Bushmule.
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Converting a Gas/Glow RC Plane to Electric

In this article we discuss moving away from the noisy, oily, relics of the past into the future.   In this article we discuss what you need to know and just how easy it is

How to Take off or Launch an RC Plane

Takeoff procedure seems straight forward but there are many common mistakes that we’ve all seen from time to time. In this article we discuss how to launch an RC plane

A few easy steps to make your warbird look better.

Weather your model to make it look more realistic

2016 Australian Drone Nationals

Practice day at the 2016 Australian Drone Nationals. HobbyNews will be bringing you live updates all day and as well as the results as they come through.

NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

Everyone wants to know more about the Turnigy Evolution! Since it's debut at the US Drone Nationals in 2016 it has created buzz like no other radio before it. It's a bridge between the world of online gaming and real world drone racing. Read on for a detailed review of it's performance.
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