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Making a Smart Plane with iNav – Article #5

In the previous articles we’ve covered what iNav is and what it can do for a fixed wing pilot and we’ve also covered how to wire everything up and flashed the software onto the flight controller and set that up ready for the first flight too. So, let’s look at how we can finally get to the field and fly the newly upgraded model and test all of the modes, including GPS safely...

Finding your lost model using RSSI

Recently during a flying day I had a tricky flight with a small very fast model in windy conditions, I struggled to establish orientation in the poor light so had no choice but to ditch the model. My flying buddy has never seen this method of finding a ‘lost’ model beforeso I’m documenting it here for all of us pilots..

Making a Smart Plane - Part 4

Using a $20 flight controller and a $20 GPS unit we can create a ‘smart’ model that will rival some of the systems costing 10 times as much. In this article we will continue to look at the technology and this time cover the setup steps for your fixed wing model. In this article we will setup the iNav software, calibrate the flight controller and control surface movement and get ready for the next steps...

Model Aircraft Maintenance 

Model RC Aircraft are subject to punishing extremes that can take a toll on a model on the components. In this article we discuss maintenance and more importantly the safety aspect.  

How to Setup Differential Thrust

Differential thrust can be used on RC planes with one or more motors. It is often over looked by modellers but it can make for a much easier flying plane.
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Converting a Gas/Glow RC Plane to Electric

In this article we discuss moving away from the noisy, oily, relics of the past into the future.   In this article we discuss what you need to know and just how easy it is

How to Take off or Launch an RC Plane

Takeoff procedure seems straight forward but there are many common mistakes that we’ve all seen from time to time. In this article we discuss how to launch an RC plane

A few easy steps to make your warbird look better.

Weather your model to make it look more realistic

Durafly EFXTRA build, flight & FPV! Review

The EFXTRA is the long awaited 2.0 version of the iconic EFX Racer. If you have the need, the need for speed, and maybe even have the need to FPV at high speed the EFXTRA will be on your shortlist. We put her through her paces!

National Model Aviation Day (USA) Celebration

A 3D flying demonstration by Michael Wargo at the Las Vegas Souring Club as they celebrate National Model Aviation Day. Beautiful setting, gorgeous weather and wonderful people.
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