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Assembling an EDF Jet

EDF Jets eat up a lot of sky and travel very quickly. A simple mistake can bring it to an end very quickly. In this article we discuss how to assemble an EDF properly.

Durafly EFXTRA build, flight & FPV! Review

The EFXTRA is the long awaited 2.0 version of the iconic EFX Racer. If you have the need, the need for speed, and maybe even have the need to FPV at high speed the EFXTRA will be on your shortlist. We put her through her paces!

Winter Flying

Yep we're talking about winter flying and some of the considerations you want to make before you expose your kit to the elements.

Warbirds - What's Your Passion

If there is one dominating aspect of the fixed wing rc flying hobby it has to be warbirds.

How to Recover a Model Aeroplane

Heat shrink covering film is one of the easiest materials to apply, yet to many, it seems daunting and beyond their ability. In this article i'll show you how to cover a model like a pro.
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A few easy steps to make your warbird look better.

Weather your model to make it look more realistic

National Model Aviation Day (USA) Celebration

A 3D flying demonstration by Michael Wargo at the Las Vegas Souring Club as they celebrate National Model Aviation Day. Beautiful setting, gorgeous weather and wonderful people.

What Makes A Good Aerobatic Plane

This Article offers some basic decision criteria for choosing a good aerobatic airplane.

Night Walrus Review

The Night Walrus is a perfect plane for a realaxing flight- even at night

HobbyKingLive EU event report 2016

The second time a lot of fun people got together for the HobbyKing Live EU event in Rozenburg in the Netherlands.
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