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OpenTX 2.2 - What’s the big deal?

OpenTX was finally released at the end of May. This was after many months spent working on the last of the bugs and additions to the software by the development team and testers. In this article I’ll take a look at what’s new and why upgrading to OpenTX 2.2 may be for you..

What is storage Charge?

Why does it take so long to bring a battery down to storage charge and why do i need to do it?

All About Batteries

We live in an age where just about every single item we own has a battery in it. Rechargeable battery prices have dropped considerably over the last decade and not only have they become cheaper, they’ve become more powerful with even greater capacity.

How Brushed and Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers Work.

An electronic speed controller (ESC) is an electronic circuit whose main purpose is to vary the speed of an electric motor and it's direction. Whether the ESC is for a brushed motor or brushless the ESC interprets control information, this is not as in a mechanical motion as found in the case of servo units but rather in a way that varies the switching rate of a network of "Field Effect Transistors", or more commonly known as FET's.

October Workshop Tips

Each month we bring use a few tips that may be useful. Grub screws, Paint, Nitro Engines, Recycling and the beloved locknut
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Converting a Gas/Glow RC Plane to Electric

In this article we discuss moving away from the noisy, oily, relics of the past into the future.   In this article we discuss what you need to know and just how easy it is

NEW: Turnigy Evolution Radio

Everyone wants to know more about the Turnigy Evolution! Since it's debut at the US Drone Nationals in 2016 it has created buzz like no other radio before it. It's a bridge between the world of online gaming and real world drone racing. Read on for a detailed review of it's performance.

GoPro Karma Camera Drone

Introducing the all new GoPro Karma Camera Drone. This article has a look at the specs and the press release and tries to make sense of where the product fits in the current drone offerings that are available to the public.

Fabrikator II Overview and Review

In recent years, as with many parts of the hobby, there has been a huge increase in the availability and affordability of what was once expensive technology. 3D printing is one of those parts of the hobby. he Fabrikator II Mini’ doesn’t seem to know it costs only about £170 and (once dialled in) prints better here than other printers costing a lot more.

National Model Aviation Day (USA) Celebration

A 3D flying demonstration by Michael Wargo at the Las Vegas Souring Club as they celebrate National Model Aviation Day. Beautiful setting, gorgeous weather and wonderful people.
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