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How to balance a Brushless Motor using your phone

If you're flying anything, it's good practice to balance a brushless motor; Especially if you're flying a multicopter as unwanted vibration can affect the flight characteristics of your aircraft. Features such as loiter and return to home may not work because the flight computer cannot accommodate for unstable flight through vibration.

How to Balance a Prop

An unbalanced prop makes for a bad day of flying; especially when your multicopter or plane is controlled by a flight computer! It may also be that you have a camera on-board in which you will experience a jello effect in your video if your props are not balanced correctly.

Unboxing - HobbyKing S550 Hexcopter Combo

The S550 hexacopter combo from HobbyKing sells for around $250.00 Australian and is great value considering the manufacturing quality of all components. With the included efficient running gear, the S550 makes for a fantastic entry level hexacopter for aerial photography!

Build Project - HobbyKing S550 Hexcopter Combo

The S550 combo from HobbyKing provides a great entry level hexacopter for aerial photography using a GoPro or similar sized camera. At $250.00 Australian, it’s also great value with most components included!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Drone Pilot in the UK

Find out how to become a fully qualified drone pilot in the UK with Heliguy's step-by-step infographic.
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News: Walkera Airbot 280 drone with VR Racing

Exclusive look Walkera's new Airbot 280 camera / race drone.

Comparing common flight controllers

The last few years has seen an explosion of the multirotor part of the hobby and driven a huge amount of innovation in the flight controllers and the software and firmware that runs them! In this article I explore the options available and provide some advice on what may be best for you...

GoPro Karma Camera Drone

Introducing the all new GoPro Karma Camera Drone. This article has a look at the specs and the press release and tries to make sense of where the product fits in the current drone offerings that are available to the public.

DJI Mavic Pro vs GoPro Karma: Which one should I buy?

You know you have a difficult decision on your hand when two industry heavy hitters release their flagship products within mere weeks of each other. First, it was GoPro, the market leader in action cams with their first foray into the drone market with the GoPro Karma and then DJ, the market leader in aerial photography drones, with the DJI Mavic Pro. So now you’re left with the difficult decision of ‘which one should I buy?' Well we’re here to help make that decision that much easier.

How US Drone Laws are Changing

As a drone pilot, it’s important to understand the laws and regulation surrounding your hobby. These laws change from country to country, and the US laws in particular seem to be an ever growing topic the past couple years. So let’s check to see what’s happening in that space lately!
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