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Fabrikator II Overview and Review

In recent years, as with many parts of the hobby, there has been a huge increase in the availability and affordability of what was once expensive technology. 3D printing is one of those parts of the hobby. he Fabrikator II Mini’ doesn’t seem to know it costs only about £170 and (once dialled in) prints better here than other printers costing a lot more.

3D Printed Keyring Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is quick to print and works really well. Perfect for this winter!

Running out of inspiration?

Finding inspiration for new 3D prints can be difficult. Hopefully this short guide will help.

eSun 3D printer filament review

eSun 3D printer filament review A couple of weeks ago I ran out of white PLA 3D printer filament. Being such a plain colour, I do a lot of my printing in white. So despite having many rolls of other colours, it was imperative that I bought some more white.  As 3D printer hobbyists, there is one thing we are not short of when it comes to filament and thats choice. A simple internet search will reveal the many hundreds of filament retailers all with slightly different filament. Furthermore, you don't have to stick to the classic PLA and ABS filament since there is now a plethora of “exotic” filament such as wood, sandstone, aluminium and even beer! I love this choice but not for when...

PrintRite DIY Torture Test and Review

A very easy to assemble printer, capable of some very good quality prints but is limited to PLA out of the box.  It doesn't have an LCD controller, has a finicky Z-stop adjustment screw and is fairly noisy.  However, for the beginner it is a good start.  Based on the Prusa i3 class of printers, you will outgrow it quickly but you can't beat the price as a starting point.
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3D Printed Motor Locker File FREE (TPU)

A must have tool for the FPV Drone racer. A TPU printed motor lock for fast prop remover and install. Free File Down Load

Quick tip - Adjusting 3d printer nozzle height with scrap plastic

An easy way to adjust your nozzle height for for free!

HK S500: How to make it even better with a few modifications

The Hobbyking S500 copter is a good platform but it has some flaws in my opinion. With a few modifications and 3D printed parts it could become awesome!

Battlebots 2016

Builders in the robotic combat community have been using hobby R/C parts for years. But can these parts scale up with the robots and be used to success in the big leagues? Seasoned robot fighting veteran Charles Guan describes using 1/5-scale and giant-scale model parts to drive his BattleBots Season 2 competition entry, Overhaul 2.0.

Bed Adhesion… Don't make the same mistakes

Learn the best ways to make sure that your prints stick to your print bed. Never have to experience a ruined print again!
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