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Quadcopter Build 6: Finishing and Adding FPV

In the last instalment we installed and configured the software into the model and took our first test flight. Adding a video camera and transmitter will allow you to fly the model using a set of FPV goggles or screen. It’s become one of the most popular ways to fly and the main reason that most builders make a model.

Build Your Own Model Railroad Turnouts

In this article I’ll show you just how easy it is to fabricate points/turnouts  for use on your  model railroad.

Model Railroad Removable Bridges

There are many types of lift bridges used on model railways. Gaining access to the middle of the layout has never been easier.

Assembling an EDF Jet

EDF Jets eat up a lot of sky and travel very quickly. A simple mistake can bring it to an end very quickly. In this article we discuss how to assemble an EDF properly.

Quadcopter Building for Beginners, Part 5

In this series we have already connected the last of the electronics together so now we are ready to plug the flight controller back to the computer, start the graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to setup everything and get the model ready for the first test hover.
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The Tiny Whoop 101

The Tiny Whoop 101, The Biggest Craze In FPV

A few easy steps to make your warbird look better.

Weather your model to make it look more realistic

National Model Aviation Day (USA) Celebration

A 3D flying demonstration by Michael Wargo at the Las Vegas Souring Club as they celebrate National Model Aviation Day. Beautiful setting, gorgeous weather and wonderful people.

What’s great about this hobby!

Explore what's great about this hobby and get insight in to what this hobby means on a personal level!

What Makes A Good Aerobatic Plane

This Article offers some basic decision criteria for choosing a good aerobatic airplane.
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